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Step aboard FIOR DEL MAR and set sail on a journey where luxury and adventure converge amidst the Ionian Sea’s captivating hues.

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Charting Memories, Beyond Horizons

At FIOR DEL MAR, our essence is woven into the vast, azure tapestry of the Ionian Sea. Born from a passion for the boundless freedom that only the sea can offer, our mission is to craft not just cruises, but unforgettable journeys that resonate with the soul. With a legacy rooted in Zakynthos, we invite you to experience the serenity, adventure, and unspoiled beauty through our eyes. Join us, where every wave tells a story, and every horizon beckons a new adventure.

Our Services

Tailored Journeys on the Ionian Waves

Experience unparalleled service with FIOR DEL MAR as we guide you through the Ionian’s hidden gems and breathtaking landscapes. Our bespoke tours and luxury amenities promise a journey of discovery, comfort, and unforgettable moments on the sea.

Exclusive Destinations

Explore hidden gems and iconic wonders of Zakynthos, accessible only with our expertly crafted itineraries.

Exclusive Cave Access

Embark on an extraordinary journey with exclusive entry into Zakynthos’s enchanting caves. Our tours offer unparalleled access to these hidden marvels, where natural beauty creates unforgettable moments.

Tailored Experiences

Every cruise is customized to your preferences, ensuring a uniquely personal journey across the Ionian Sea.

Safety & Comfort

With advanced safety measures and luxurious amenities, we guarantee a seamless and secure voyage.

Our Fleet


Scorpion 860 G2 Series is one of the best rib series in the market, which combines luxury, comfort and pleasure without compromising its sea keeping abilities. Thanks to its superior material and build quality Scorpion 860 is less noisy!


Sea Ray

The Sea Ray is a compact and functional speedboat, perfect for day trips. Powered by a 175 HP Volvo Penta engine, it cruises at 26 knots with a top speed of 31 knots. Measuring 7.5 meters in length and 3.0 meters in beam, it accommodates up to 5 passengers comfortably.

Equipped with GPS, CD player, radio, and VHF, it also features a cabin with one WC and a refrigerator. With a 200-liter fuel tank and a 100-liter fresh water tank, the Sea Ray is ideal for family outings or groups of friends looking to explore the waters in comfort and style.

Skipper 780

Skipper is cosy and functional, its design is in every need of the governor. He can enjoy his ride in the sea with his family or company, indulge in skiing or other watersports and of course go out with friends for fishing.


Voyage Into Paradise

Discover Zakynthos with Us Discover Zakynthos with Us
Discover Zakynthos with Us Discover Zakynthos with Us

Discover the allure of the Ionian Sea

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View our exclusive Summer 2024 packages for an unforgettable yachting experience